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A brief overview of the course
The objective of the Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering is to train engineers capable of working in a highly competitive, interdisciplinary, high-tech and constantly evolving environment such as the aerospace industry. To this end, the course provides an appropriate balance between fundamental, related and integrative disciplines and in-depth studies in the specific professional sector. This guarantees, on the one hand, an adequate training to interpret and describe the classical problems of engineering and, on the other hand, the possibility of entering the world of work in highly specialised and advanced technological sectors, with the role of supporting the design, management, operation and certification of advanced technology systems and processes in industrial engineering fields, with preference to those in which aerospace disciplines and technologies play a significant role, or of continuing studies towards the next level of Master's degree.
Graduates in aerospace engineering must be able to apply the scientific concepts and fundamental and specialised methods acquired in the disciplines of fluid dynamics, flight mechanics, structures, propulsion and aerospace systems, in order to manage technologies and optimise the functional and structural performance of components and systems with particularly stringent requirements such as: high aerodynamic efficiency, high performance, operation in critical environments and situations, weight reduction with due regard to safety and reliability. Finally, he/she must have a command of English and sufficient knowledge to use the IT tools required in the specific field of competence and for the exchange of general information.
The course is run by the Department of Industrial Engineering (http://www.dii.unina.it/), part of the Polytechnic School of Engineering and Basic Sciences (http://www.scuolapsb.unina.it/). Classes are held at the campuses in the western area of Naples, between Fuorigrotta and Bagnoli, and at the San Giovanni a Teduccio complex in the eastern area of Naples.
Employment opportunities
Knowledge required for access; deadlines and admission procedures


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