Management and Control of Manufacturing System - a.y. 2016/2017


CFU: 9

Period (Year/Semester): II/II

Languade: Italian

Required/expected prior knowledge: Nothing

Lecturers: Langella Antonio - Alessandra Caggiano

Course objectives:
Acquisition of detailed knowledge on advanced manufacturing systems. Acquisition of specific competences on automated systems for part inspection and handling. Acquisition of skills concerning performance evaluation of manufacturing systems through analytical and numerical simulation methodologies.

Tables of contents: 
Elements of production automation: Introduction to production systems. Components of an automated production system. Classification of control systems. Hardware components for automation (sensors, actuators, interface, process controllers).
Group Technology: Part families, parts classification and coding. Production process planning: CAPP challenges, variant approach, generative approach.
Industrial robots and handling systems: Robot anatomy and related attributes, applications of industrial robots, robot control systems and programming, integration with the external environment.
Metrology and coordinate measuring machines: Coordinate measuring machines (CMM) construction, CMM software, laboratory on CMM operation and programming, reverse engineering for metrology and additive manufacturing.
Advanced manufacturing systems: Classification of manufacturing systems. Single-station manufacturing cells and automated production lines. Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) - Reconfigurable manufacturing Systems (RMS). Introduction to Industry 4.0.
Evaluation of performance indices of a manufacturing system: Static resource assignment. Queueing network modeling of manufacturing systems. Discrete event simulation of manufacturing systems. Employment of discrete event simulation software tool.

Education method: 
Lectures and exercises.
Exercises on discrete event simulation using Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software tool.

Textbooks and learning aids:
M.P. Groover, Automation, Production Systems, and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Fourth Edition, Global Edition
Lecture notes
Tecnomatix Plant Simulation user guide 

Assessment will be written (open question, numeric exercises) and oral. Development of an individual project work on discrete event simulation of a manufacturing system using Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation.

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