Railway Manufacturing - a.y. 2016/2017


CFU: 9

Period (Year/Semester): I/I

Languade: Italian

Required/expected prior knowledge: Nothing

Lecturers: Roberto Teti  

Course objectives:
The course aims to deepen the general principles and selection criteria of machining technologies based on conventional methods and innovative methods, to be integrated into processing systems of interest for the railway industry.

Tables of contents: 
Cleaning and surface treatments;
Coating and deposition processes;
Sheet metalworking;
Gringind process;
Non-traditional machining;
Powder metallurgy;  
Other sheet-metal forming operations;
Forging and stamping;
Thermal and mechanical assembly processes;
Surface finishing;  
Optimization of machining processes.

Education method: 
Lessons and exercises.

Textbooks and learning aids:
Course Notes.
Textbook: Mikell P. Groover, Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing, Prentice-Hall International Inc.

Assessment will be written and oral.

Seminars/Workshop with CFU

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