Building Science - a.y. 2016/2017


CFU: 9

Period (Year/Semester): II/II

Languade: Italian

Required/expected prior knowledge: Mathematical Analysis II, Geometry, Physical Mathematics 

Francesco Marotti de Sciarra - Class A-L
Raffaele Barretta - Class M-Z 

Course objectives:
The course aims to illustrate the main theoretical foundations and the applicative aspects of Structural Mechanics with particular reference to the calculation of one-dimensional structures in the linear isotropic elastic field. Tools and procedures that can be used to perform the design of spatial and one-dimensional structures are also described.

Tables of contents:
Tensorial Algebra. Definition of the main deformation measures and their expressions in terms of displacements. Stress analysis. Stress tensor properties. Principal stresses. Circle of Mohr. Isotropic linear elastic constitutive relations. Elastic Energy: Theorems of Clapeyron and Betti. Hydrostatic and deviatoring components of stress tensor. Plastic domain for Isotropic Materials: Tresca, von Mises. Equivalent stressnotion. Saint Venant Beam model. Normal force, bending. Relationship between load axis, neutral axis and flexion axis. Culmann's ellipse. Torsion for beam with circular cross-section: Bredt formulas.Shear: approximate treatment of Jourawski. Shear center. Static system of beams: constraints, reactions. Diagrams of stress characteristics in straight-beams. Deformation of bending beams. Force and displacement methods. The Principle of Virtual Forces and Virtual displacements for bending beams. Shape functions and an introduction to the finite element method. Evaluation of inertia characteristics of plane figures. Design of cross-section subject to compression, bending, torsion and shear.

Education method:

Textbooks and learning aids:
Class notes.
F. Marotti de Sciarra, E. Russo, M. Salerno, Esercizi di analisi strutturale, Liguori Editore, 2014.
F. Marotti de Sciarra, Fondamenti di Statica delle Strutture, Liguori Editore, Napoli, 2010.
F. Marotti de Sciarra, Equilibrio elastico delle strutture, Liguori Editore, Napoli, 2010.
F. Marotti de Sciarra, La Teoria della Trave, Liguori Editore, Napoli, 2009.
L. Rosati – Scienza delle Costruzioni –

Assessment will be written and oral. Questions are: open questions, numerical exercises.

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