Thermo–fluid–dynamics measurements - a.y. 2016/2017


CFU: 9

Period (Year/Semester): II/II

Languade: Italian

Required/expected prior knowledge: Nothing

Lecturers: Musto Marilena

Course objectives:
Give improved understanding of measurement uncertainty, methods for measurement uncertainty evaluation and the circumstances in which those methods apply - Help make better use of the GUM - Help tackle more challenging uncertainty evaluation problems than those covered directly by the GUM.

Tables of contents: 
Underpinning statistical concepts-Developing and using a measurement model-Formulating a problem of measurement uncertainty evaluation-The conventional approach to uncertainty evaluation of the GUM-Extensions to problems with more than one measurand-Examples and case studies
Measuring sensors for: temperature with contact methods and distance methods, static and dynamic pressure, velocity, thermal flow, flow rate (differential pressure, variable area, turbine, rotameter, fluid dynamics (at generation and precession of vortices, Coanda effect), magnetic, ultrasonic, thermal and Coriolis effect: generality, reliability and accuracy and measurements in the measurements - Applications - Calibration - Construction details - Mounting criteria - Installation and use criteria - Signal processing methods - Automatic data acquisition and processing systems.
Laboratory Activity .

Education method: 
Lessons and exercises in the classroom and in the lab.

Textbooks and learning aids:
Introduzione alla Metrologia (Furio Cascetta, Paolo Vigo, ed. Liguori);
Fondamenti di termometria (Furio Cascetta, Giuseppe Rotondo, Gerardo Turchetti, ed. E.DI.SU. Caserta);
Sistemi di telecontrollo di reti di pubblica utilità (Furio Cascetta, ed. Franco Angeli);
Strumentazione di misura per sistemi di telecontrollo (Furio Cascetta, ed. Franco Angeli);
Strumenti e metodi di misura (E. O Doebelin, ed. McGraw-Hill); Note from the course 

Assessment will be written (open question, numerical exercises) and oral.

Seminars/Workshop with CFU

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