Refrigeration - a.y. 2016/2017


CFU: 9

Period (Year/Semester): II/I

Languade: Italian

Required/expected prior knowledge: Nothing

Lecturers: Mastrullo Rita Maria Antonia - Mauro Alfonso William 

Course objectives:
The Refrigeration course deals with knowledge to be applied to the refrigerating sector; in particular, it integrates and spreads the previous thermodynamic and technical skills with specific topics regarding: the various plant solutions for heat pumps and refrigerating systems, and their thermodynamic design; the performance mapping, the technical limits and the relative choice of the main parts of the plant; the addressing of the system architecture choice depending of the application; the models and the simulation of the plants' operation.

Tables of contents:
Thermodynamic analysis of the basic and complex vapour compression cycles, with a special focus on the environmental friendly refrigerants and the regulations for their use. Eco-design and F-GAS regulations. Thermodynamic and technical analysis of the inverse gas cycles and of auto-cascade refrigerating systems. Gas liquefaction: Linde and Claude cycles. Absorption cycles: thermodynamic properties calculations for mixtures, schemes, thermodynamic analysis and design. Working principle, classification, selection and sizing, technical limits and performance mapping of the plant components. Thermodynamic balance for the components and balancing point during off-design operation. Cold chain: applications (cold stores, freezing systems, refrigerated transport). Most used plant architecture for terrestrial and transport appliances. Seminars by experts.

Education method: 
Class lessons and exercises; team work to prepare a project; examples of Matlab codes dedicated to the thermodynamic analysis and modeling of refrigerating plants and components.

Textbooks and learning aids:
Lecturer Notes
W. Stoecker, Industrial refrigeration handbook, Ed. Mc-Graw Hill;
R. J. Dossat, T. J. Horan - Principles of Refrigeration, Ed. Wiley.

Assessment will be written and oral. Project development related to a refrigerating case study.

Seminars/Workshop with CFU

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